Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Friday night at home with nothing to do... hm.

So, it looks like Kirsten is being pressured by one of her family members to spend the evening tonight doing something completely horrid and unappetizing. "If I told you what, you would cringe", unappetizing. If I were her, I would probably tell her family "No bleedin' way!", but that's just me...

So, I have the whole evening free. Anyone want to do something? Drug me, tie me to the bedposts, strip me naked and throw little pickles at me? Drag me off somewhere and use me as your personal love slave?

Alternately, you can always go out with me to a movie or club, invade my house with a party, come over and watch videos, play games, hang out on my patio and burn stuff, etc. That's always fun too.

Reply with any suggestions you might have on how I can be entertained (or what I might want to do to entertain myself). If your suggestions are really naughty, you can always IM my arse or email me...

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