Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

yes, yet another Bush broken promise...

This one, however, may be a record, in that it only took Bush four days to break it.

Reporter: "As you said, the Security Council faces a vote next week on a resolution implicitly authorizing an attack on Iraq. Will you call for a vote on that resolution, even if you aren't sure you have the votes?"

Bush: "Well, first, I don't think -- it basically says that he is in defiance of 1441. That's what the resolution says.

And it's hard to believe anybody saying he isn't in defiance of 1441 because 1441 said he must disarm.

And yes, we'll call for a vote."

He obviously forgot the qualifiers.

"Uh... unless people don't like our policies, or they find out we're spying on their diplomats, or we'd look like big losers with only a quarter of the Security Council supporting our position... whatever happens though, we're going to war. Mr. Cheney said I could stay up late and watch it, too!"

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