Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Ebay to Feds - "Bust our customers... we'll help you!"

An article on how far Ebay is willing to bend over backwards for law enforcement. Over and over, there have been clear signs that eBay is incapable of policing its own site, so their "solution" is to actively encourage the police to do it for them, using your taxes to pay for their site's policing, and violating their user's privacy rights in the process.

Joseph Sullivan, eBay's Director of Law Enforcement and Compliance, lectures to a crowded audience representing numerous law-enforcement agencies:

"We don't make you show a subpoena, except in exceptional cases. When someone uses our site and clicks on the `I Agree' button, it is as if he agrees to let us submit all of his data to the legal authorities. Which means that if you are a law-enforcement officer, all you have to do is send us a fax with a request for information, and ask about the person behind the seller's identity number, and we will provide you with his name, address, sales history and other details - all without having to produce a court order."

... oh, and they also own PayPal, so they know what you're spending your money on, too. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to buy anything through eBay again anytime soon.

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