Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


I went out to a club tonight, and ran into this girl named Barbie...
She might look the part, but she's so plastic!
At first, I thought she might be interesting... I mean, she had a nice dress and all... but she was so vacuous! All fashion and no personality. She also danced to all the lamest songs...

Her boyfriend had taken off for a while with a friend he met at the bar, but she seemed sure that he would come back soon... (Ken mentioned wanting to show his new friend this trick he learned to do with his new necklace.)
Ken's friend kinda looked more like Liberace than a goth...
Barbie was really becoming tiresome, so I ditched her and hit the dancefloor. I noticed that she and her girlfriends plowed their way through a pizza like they hadn't had anything to eat in a week... 10 minutes later, they all vanished to the bathroom for what seemed like half an hour, only to come back all dazed and glazed...

Barbie said she had a horrible taste in her mouth, so I took pity on her and bought her a Fuzzy Navel. I was surprized when she started stumbling all over the place, saying "I'm soooo drunk..." She was REALLY starting to irritate me... What a lightweight!

Barbie wandered off to the parking lot to find Ken, only to come back inside the club a few minutes later. She broke down crying in front of her friends, sobbing something about Ken. Her friends, trying to cheer her up, said that she was so lucky to be with Ken... after all, he was rich, had a great car, and was the quarterback for the football team!

Barbie kept drinking for the rest of the night... last time I saw her, she was outside vomiting into the gutter while one of her friends held her hair. Her mascara had run so badly, she almost looked like Tammy Fae Baker. I really didn't want to get involved, but as clueless as she was, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her...

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