Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Microsoft thinks it has gotten a clue. hahaha...

There's an MSNBC article on Three Degrees, a new Microsoft chat-oriented product aimed for the "NextGen" (hey kiddies, don't you *love* being treated like a faceless demographic? I know I do...)

Three Degrees is loaded with "features" that enable others to do really annoying things on your computer, like change the volume, play cheesy music, and "wink" at you, which is a special flavor of overblown emoticon hell.

The theory behind Three Degrees actually reminds me of womanonfire's Wirefire, except that it's evil, ugly, hard to extend independently yourself, and utterly bloody useless... yes, there is a need for socially-oriented apps, but sometimes you can just tell when it's done wrong. You need to develop a lifestyle around your products, and frankly, I don't see it happening with Three Degree's current implementation.

Hey... d'ya need an operating system to go with that?

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