Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush gags governors, kicks out the press.

Every year, the National Governors Association has a White House dinner and conversation with the president, where governors are free to ask the president the questions that concern them. This year, however, the president has put unheard of restrictions on our governors to ask the president questions and has, for the first time ever, closed the event to the press. There have even been restrictions set on the toast for the dinner.

The president will only answer two questions (not two questions per governor -- just two questions.) for the entire evening. One question per political party, presumably. Both questions must be submitted ahead of time in writing...

It's wonderful to see our president is so concerned about the states, even if they are $80 billion in debt thanks to the Bush economy. Junior can't write and grandma is eating catfood and can't afford her meds, but at least we have plenty of money left over for the war!

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