Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Somebody's wasting the UN inspectors' time...

...and it sounds like it isn't Saddam.

The US says Iraq has weapons of mass destruction... Iraq says it doesn't. Our best intelligence is being referred to as "garbage after garbage after garbage" by those who should know best.

So, how do you prove a negative, anyway... and just how desperate is our government to prove that negative? Clearly, they seem willing to mislead the American people... but would they do more?

In the early 1960s, top military officials urged the administration to adopt Operation Northwoods, a project to trick the people of the United States into thinking that war with Cuba was necessary. Operation Northwoods even suggested blowing up our own naval vessels and killing our own people to provoke widespread public outrage. (Think "Remember the Maine"...) We only know about Operation Northwoods because of the Freedom of Information Act, and we also know that our military destroyed most of the records relating to the operation -- it is a miracle that we know about it at all. Fortunately, this document survived.

Now, I would hope our government would never contemplate such an action ever again, but it would be ignorant to blindly trust the government to never deceive us. Even if there aren't weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it's certainly possible that the government is not beyond planting evidence, should it become convenient for them to do so. So, how can we trust the government? How can we prove a negative? After all, there may be no corruption there, and nothing to see...

Well, the best way for this to happen is for the US government to come clean, and to immediately, fully, and completely comply with the Freedom of Information Act, honoring *ALL* such requests in a legal manner, pursuant to the laws of the United States. Despite repeated requests from the citizens of the United States, they have been defying the will of inspectors, and have failed to reveal information that directly relates to their credibility. We have overwhelming evidence that they are trying to hide information from us, have destroyed evidence, and have been playing "shell games" with the inspectors.

All they have to do is come clean, reveal their secrets, and prove they are worthy of our trust. If they fail to do so, then the current political administration should be viewed as being in 'material breach' of the law and should face 'serious consequences'...

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