Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

On my frustration with the Times of London...

Why is it that The Times of London seems to be the only paper that is considered to "matter" in regards to British foriegn policy? They march in lock step with everything the prevailing government supports, regardless of public opinion.

Unlike most other British papers, their stories on the war are highly slanted towards the cause of war, and now it looks like they're going to give Jack Straw a forum to answer people's questions online without rebuttal, presumably picking and choosing which questions to answer.

I sent in the following question, which he'd probably never answer in a million years...

"Secretary Straw,

While I am a citizen of the United States, my mother was born England.

I am very concerned with the rationale for Prime Minister Blair's support for a war on Iraq. It seems contrary to the policies of the government to increase the level of democracy and regional self-governance.

How can a war that is not supported by the people of the United Kingdom be justifiably supported by the Blair government, can you cite any other unpopular British wars that were justifiable, and does the government's support for an unpopular war undermine the far more important longterm consideration of giving the people more of a voice in how their country is run?"

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