Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Patriot Act II -- The Empire Strikes Back

Earlier today, I heard about the draft legislation for the Patriot Act II, which would allow the government to piss all over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in all sorts of creative new ways, including...

  • Taking away your citizenship for supporting organizations they consider to be supporting terrorism. They could do this retroactively, even if you weren't aware that the organization "supports terrorism".

  • Giving the attorney general the power to deport any foriegner from the United States with no oversight or need for justification.

  • Granting the government the power to secretly and indefinitely detain suspects.

  • Allowing the government to bypass courts and grand juries in order to conduct surveillance without a judge's permission

  • Deny the release of information that should be available under the Freedom of Information Act, such as information on people in government custody.

  • Creation of a DNA database. Your DNA could be taken without a judge's order and without your knowledge and added to a database of people who may have ties to suspected terrorists.

  • Give police greatly extended rights to spy on people, overruling previous laws specifically passed to prevent previous spying abuses by the police.

  • Restoring numerous powers to the intelligence community that were taken away in the past due to previous abuses

  • Denying the public information on toxic polluters and chemical/biological health risks in their communities.

The government didn't want this document released. We only know about it because a brave person (who will probably lose their job...) leaked it to The Center for Public Integrity, who did an interview on NOW with Bill Moyers tonight, the same day they released the document to the public.

What is particularly treasonous about this document is that senior members of the Senate Judiciary Committee minority staff have inquired about Patriot II for months and have been told as recently as this week that this document *didn't exist* and there was no such legislation being planned. Meanwhile, advanced copies of the bill seem to have been presented to Vice President Dick Cheney and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. This, my friends, is purjury and grounds for impeachment.

The full text for the Patriot Act II draft is available in .pdf format.

So, have you made up your mind about impeaching the president yet?! Now would be a great time to spread the word and get those responsible removed from office.

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