Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Does this mean that Tony Blair will get expelled?!

So, let's say you're one of the world's largest, most influential governments with a historic, prestigious security agency and you need a report justifying a potential invasion of another country.

What should you do?

A> Have your intelligence service craft a carefully drafted report using declassified top secret information garnered at great risk and difficulty that documents how evil your enemy is.


B> Plagiarise a report from a postgrad student in Monterey, California. Imply that your report is based on reliable evidence garnered by your intelligence service. Lift more information out of magazines. Have Colin Powell cite your report in front of the U.N.

And the answer is...!

By the way, Ibrahim Al-Marashi, the postgrad in question, is an Iraqi American who is a member of the Iraqi opposition force. He favors an invasion of Iraq, but he also estimated that there would be as many as 100,000 casualties during an invasion. Those numbers appear to be on the low end, according to a paper by Medact, the British version of Physicians for Social Responsibility. They predict between 50,000 and 261,000 casualties... more if civil war breaks out, with up to 200,000 additional civilian casualties based on the longterm health effects of such a war.

Good thing for us that most of them will be innocent Iraqi civilians, right?! No wonder Bush "unsigned" the War Crimes Treaty, a binding international agreement that was already signed by Clinton. The rest of the world doesn't recognize the "unsigning" of treaties though, for some reason.

By the way, the French are unsigning the Louisiana Purchase and returning the 60 million francs, adjusted for inflation. They want their country back.

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