Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

more on the shuttle...

I was saddened and moved byelainegrey's post today.

"This morning, around 5:53, X and i were standing at our north facing window, watching the streak of the shuttle re-entering the atmosphere. There was no sound but the crashing of waves and our "oooooh"s of appreciation. (Someone on a mailing list i get had speculated that maybe we'd hear sonic booms.) That fuchsia pink star streaking across the night sky -- how long till most mornings were crossed by re-entering vehicles, how soon till we double, triple our fleet? What about that plan i read about last week of solar power from the lunar surface.... I forget when i gave up my dream of becoming an astronaut, but I have always dreamed toward the stars.

We fed the loud cat (the others looked at us with amusement from their sleeping positions) and went back to bed. I wanted to call my Dad, tell him of the sight, share the beauty of it. But it was warm and cozy with both of us in bed, and even though X offered to get the phone, i knew i could call later.

We slept.

The sun rose and fought through the blinds, the cats clambered across us, we dozed. The phone rang. I bolted from the bed, embarrassed to be sleeping in so late, grabbed the phone in the office and walked back to the bedroom. It's my dad. I want to tell him what i saw, the beauty of it, and he asks if i heard the news.

I crumble."

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