Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

the debate debacle...

You know your country is f*cked when the political debates are not only rigged, but have corporate sponsorship...

Tonight's debate, in case you didn't know, is sponsored by Budweiser!
... yes... Budweiser! Proud to be your Bud!

How did such a big company come to sponsor the debates? Well, it's like this... Democratic and Republican leaders were very miffed when the League of Women Voters allowed John Anderson to take part in the 1980 debates... you see, Anderson created a dangerous precedent... I mean, anyone could run for office!

As a result, these concerned Republicans and Democrats took it upon themselves to form the Commission for Presidential Debates, which, of course, would allow them to control just who could take part in the debates. They set rules that made it even more difficult for anyone who wasn't a Republican or Democrat to take part in the debates... unfortunately, Perot managed to meet the stricter criteria anyway, so they changed the rules again... This year, they have managed to protect us all from third party candidates by requiring that such a candidate have no less than a 15% average rating on several polls, some of which don't even count third party candidates!

Um... all I can say is that any reasonable person should see how grossly unfair this whole election has been. From my perspective, while Gore may be a better choice than Bush, they are enormous juggernauts... the will of the majority is such that if I vote for either candidate, I am throwing my vote away, especially if you consider the outdated Electoral System that was designed for a distant past where counting every vote just wasn't practical. What that means is that your vote doesn't count for anything if you either vote for the person who doesn't win the electoral votes for your state, or if you vote in excess of the amount needed to win... in other words, more than half of our votes are pointless...

If you think your one vote for Gore will make a difference, think again... but it can matter much more for Nader, since if the Green Party can get 5% of the vote, not only will they get matching funds in the next election, they will also seriously challenge the political establishment, particularly when it comes to the exclusionary and corrupt practices of the Republicans and Democrats to shut third parties out of the debates.

I can honestly say that I do not believe that we will have good government until the political system has been reformed. If Gore won, do you honestly believe that he would reform the political system? ...or would he just use the issue as a way of attacking the Republicans, or increasing the chance for the Democrats to win future elections while making no allowances for third parties... After all, aren't the Democrats just as culpable in these exclusionary practices as the Republicans? In short, aren't they stealing the public forum and essentially stacking the ballot boxes? As long as we have unfair debates, candidates for hire, and a system that invalidates the votes of millions of voters, then there will be a lot more wasted votes out there than those cast for third party candidates...

Of course, the Democrats and Republicans don't want to be associated with vote theft, so they still need someone(s) with big money to sponsor the debates... fortunately, Budweiser was kind enough to kick up a lot of money, in exchange for being the sole sponsor for the Missouri debates. So, with that in mind, I hope any of you who want to vote for Bush or Gore will pick up a six-pack of Bud, rush home to watch the debates, pop open a cool one, and, ideally, choke on it. 'nuff said.

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