Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

But who's counting?!

Before we get involved in another war, it might be a good idea to take a good look at those who have died already in the war on terror. After all, four US soldiers died just today. These four are hardly the only ones who have died so far, however. There are many more. Here are a few of them...

There was Dan McCollum, who left behind a new wife, with a baby on the way.

Jeanette Winters came from a poor family and was studying to become a doctor.

There was Steve Bryson, the only son of a military family. Steve, like his uncle before him, died in a military plane crash.

There's Anissa Shero, from Grafton, a coalmining town in West Virginia. Anissa was the second woman to die in Afghanistan. "She wanted to get out of Grafton. She wanted a big life," said Shelley Ball, Shero's cousin and lifelong friend. "She'd say, 'I want to get out of here.' And she did."

Today's deaths raises the tally of US soldiers who have died so far in the war on terror up to at least 54 -- you can see many of them and read more about their lives here. These soldiers haven't just died in obvious locales such as Afghanistan, Kuwait, and the Persian Gulf, but also in less obvious ones such in the Philipines, where U.S. troops are taking part in military exercises on Mindanao, helping the Philippine government quell an Islamic majority that has been seeking autonomy from the Philipines for over 40 years. Despite autonomy votes in 13 provinces with apparent Muslim majorities, autonomy was granted in only the four poorest provinces. The explanation given by the Philippine government was that some of the voters were "squatters" routinely evicted when their settlements were burned.

The person putting together the site listing all the casualties has gone through four webpages so far to make sure that *ALL* of those who die in the war on terrorism are remembered. I emailed him and pointed out one person who died that he forgot to list, and let him know about the helicopter crash. Something tells me that he's going to be a lot busier soon...

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