Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Don't exchange information.

Want some perspective on how easy it is to shut down a country? Here, have a sapphire.. Tiny. Almost beautiful, in an odd way.. and curiously, not really designed to damage a single thing. Imagine if it were actually designed to be malicious, however, and had better propogation skills. Nowadays, explosive things come in small packages. Infectious memes.

By the way, you are all criminals, liable for $250,000 in fines and subject to prison terms of up to three years... and the following people want you to be prosecuted for your crimes:
Sen. Joseph Biden, Rep. Lamar Smith, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Rep. Robert Scott, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (no surprise there..), Rep. Conyers, Rep. Coble, Rep. Hyde, Rep Goodlatte, Rep. Wexler, Rep. Bryant, Sen. Santorum, Sen. Smith, Rep. Jenkins, Rep. Graham, Rep. Schiff, Rep. Keller, Rep. Issa, Rep. Hart...

I wouldn't normally go to all the trouble of listing the names, except that you may want to remember them the next time you vote.

So you see kids, obeying the law nowadays is as simple as not exchanging or processing any kind of information. Don't loan anyone your CD, book, or software. Don't use your software either... it might inadvertently make copies or violate copyrights. Don't make a digital backup of anything whatsoever. (Even if companies sold you the goods to do so and the law indicates that you may have that right...), don't hum a tune on the bus. (without paying royalties first...) Don't read, listen to, or watch anything -- it creates an unauthorized copy in your brain.

An example of how to be a patriotic American without violating copyright laws. The person on the right of this picture is a criminal, however, as he lacks ear plugs and a muzzle.

Just don't do it.
(Oops. Violated Nike's copyright.)

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