Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Register released an article that reveals a huge, gaping hole in the U.S. Military's security. Specifically, they made it possible for *ANYONE* to register a .mil domain name, free of charge!

TheRegister didn't mention where exactly this site was, but I did a bit of poking around in Google's cache... and found the site on

One thing that was also mentioned in the story was the existence of military sites with publically accessable traffic statistics, which could be used to locate .mil sites and networked DoD machines that are not public, not hotlinked anywhere, and which might contain (or be networked with other machines that contain) sensitive data.

Heh. They'll probably list my IP address later too. It's amusing, but I kinda wish they wouldn't do that -- it's bad netiquette!

(sidenote -- wouldn't it be funny to find out that some websites out there for extreme, illegal perversions did this too?! Then again, what can be *more* perverted than the art of killing? Sickos...)

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