Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Microsoft = Megatarget

For the past few months, Microsoft has made security "goal #1"... so what better way do hackers have to help Microsoft with finding their security weaknesses than releasing a highly contagious worm that exploits Microsoft SQL server. While it's a Good Thing that LiveJournal uses MySQL for its database, it may not help much, in that others don't. The worm has apparently brought down almost all Internet services in South Korea already, where it is presumed to have originated.

Of course, if you go to the Microsoft SQL server website, you won't hear anything about this. You will, however, hear about how "SQL Server has evolved, growing into an enterprise-ready, robust data management system." You won't even see any special mention of it at Microsoft's website for their SQL server security bulletins.

What they need to do is encourage people to get this patch and restart their server. (Not that I should be doing Microsoft's job for them, but someone has to, I guess...)

Essentially, Microsoft is wearing a big "kick me!" sticker on its back. As a result, there will always be a constant threat to them and their disciples so long as they insist on being the greediest, most monopolistic, most self-serving software company on the planet. No amount of security can fully protect them... all it can do is make their software less functional and take away the rights of their users, driving them elsewhere.

Of course, similar things could be said about the United States...

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