Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Hope this isn't the case...

Russian military say war on Iraq decided

''According to the information we have, the operation is planned for the second half of February. The decision to launch it has been taken but not yet been made public.'

Meanwhile, a new Washington Post - ABC News poll indicates that seven out of ten Americnas would give the U.N. weapons inspectors months more to pursue their arms search in Iraq. It also indicated increasing disapproval of the president's handling of the economy and showed his approval dropping to its lowest levels since before 9/11.

In addition, there is a poll on the CNN "Talkback Live" website today that asks "Should the United States allow more time for U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq?" The results so far are 67% yes, 33% no. ( Please take the time to vote yourself! )

One thing worth asking is what has brought about this very noticeable - even rapid - change in public perception. I haven't seen signs until the past few days of increased media skepticism of Bush's policies on Iraq. I think it has a *lot* to do with what ordinary people are expressing to each other, and the very public worldwide displays of nonviolent opposition to war.

All I can suggest is keep getting the word out. Find ways to be visible and get a point across. Make some news yourself. Something just might give...

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