Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

John Cameron Mitchell wants your body...

For years, people have asked "When will Hollywood make a big budget movie with real acting about real relationships that contains real sex?"

The answer, of course, is that Hollywood won't -- but John Cameron Mitchell will! He's taking some of the big bucks that he made on "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and rolling it into a new movie, tenatively called "The Sex Film Project".

As it says on the movie's website:
"There aren't many North American actors courageous enough to go where this film needs to go. Most professional performers and their agents will be worried about damaged sitcom potential. We've created and publicized this site chiefly as an unconventional way to find our unconventional lead actors. But even after a nationwide search, there will still only be a handful of performers who will (a) captivate us with their unique charisma (b) be able to act in the improvisation style we're seeking, (c) be willing and able to have sex on camera, and (d) have a sexual rapport with another suitable actor. So instead of starting with a script and plugging in performers, we want to find the actors first and then write for them and with them, developing the script through a four-week structured improvisational workshop.

The main characters in the film will be part of one or more gay male relationships, but there may be secondary parallel relationships that are lesbian or straight. We might follow a bisexual man carrying on two relationships -- with a man and with a woman. We could explore a long-term three-way relationship. A character might be a prostitute or some kind of hands-on sex therapist. Maybe somebody stays home and sucks his own dick all day (a metaphorically arresting image -- please list such an ability in your resume under Special Skills). We won't know anything specific about the story until we find the actors."

They will be reviewing initial audition tapes that people submit on VHS, followed by an in-person audition in NYC. Information on how to apply is available on the website, for any brave soul(s) who might be interested.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this. I hope JCM can actually get theatres willing to show it, so that it's not restricted to just the GLBT film festival circuit...

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