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So very organized...

Insomnia's Itinerary, my online calendar of future events that interest me, is now available from the tasty menu of selections at Whether you are a bored Bay Area creature, a curious spectator, or a crazed stalker, you will find something there for you...

There are several tres hip events on the calendar most people wouldn't know about but might appreciate... including some rather interesting Masquerade Balls, Pagan festivities, etc. So far, I have 21 things listed just for the remainder of October, and I will be updating the list regularly, as will Iceblink.

If you are from around the area and hear of anything coming up that I might appreciate, drop me a line so I can add it to the list... and if you find you are going to the same event, let me know... maybe we can meet up / say hi! (I could really use a few more good ideas for things to do on Halloween...! All the big festivities appear to be on the weekend prior!)

Drinking tea, listening to tango, half-asleep, thinking of Argentinean brothels...

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