Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

networking to make a change...

One of the things that I did on the day when the INS detained over 600 Arab immigrants was send an email to a few people, asking what they were doing about it, offering advice, sharing contacts, and trying to encourage some kind of resistance to the detentions.

One of the organizations I contacted was the Japanese American Citizens League. I felt that if the Japanese American community would come out strongly against the detentions, that the plight of Arab and Muslim immigrants might perhaps be seen as not all that dissimilar to the treatment of Japanese immigrants and Japanese Americans during World War II.

Well, I'm happy to say that the JACL are doing something about it -- they have declared the actions both ineffective and discriminatory and have an action alert on their site that you can participate in, whether you are a Japanese American or not. Please take the time to do so, and to let others know. A deadline is soon approaching that will no doubt result in further detentions and possible deportations.

Arab Americans, Muslims, and Arab immigrants can and will be ignored, because they have already been marginalized in the eyes of those in power. They are the enemy after all, right?! (Hey, wait... I thought Saddam was the enemy and that Bush loves Arabs?) Japanese Americans aren't the enemy, however... and it is altogether proper that their organizations are standing up for the rights of other immigrants, so that what happened to them in this "free country" is never allowed to happen again to anyone else.

Ultimately, this kind of repression will end. Either the current administration will ease up, or they will face a backlash... a moral turning point when the country wakes up and knows they've been had, such as happened to Joseph McCarthy.

Personally, I'm hoping for a backlash. It's not enough to get rid of Dubya because of his inept handling of the economy. Far better to see him leave office as a pariah. This country needs another Richard Nixon, perhaps, to realize that one Nixon was enough.

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