Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


Grr. I just received three pieces of spam to three different LJ email addresses I use for my journal and communities from a Chris Faulkner at .

He whines:
"KitsapBands will be going down this weekend, because the server is too expensive (currently $260 a month). The plan is to buy a server and get it hosted for a lower price somewhere else. Setting up the new server will take both time and money, however. The server will cost about $800, and about another $200 to start paying for the bandwidth at the new place it will be hosted."

... and this is my problem, how?

Spamming LiveJournal users in such a way is flat-out against the TOS. He must have spammed hundreds of thousands of people, however, in order to spam me three times...

But wait, it gets worse.

"While the server is down, concert info can be found on the KitsapBands Livejournal Community."

So, because he can't afford his own bandwidth bills, he's going to send his audience over to LiveJournal, so that *we* can pay for his bandwidth?

Screw that noise. If KitsapBands can't get its users (not the entire LJ community) to pay for its servers and its bandwidth, then it *deserves* to go under.

It kind of figures that the LJ user who did this goes by the name of noisybastard. I hope he soon goes by the name suspendedbastard. Each email address this guy has harvested violates LJ's TOS -- as does each piece of spam -- and not only does harvesting email addresses slow down the database, imagine what happens when you flood LJ's servers with several hundred thousand emails that need to be forwarded on to the right email address....

Gah. Is it any wonder the site is sucking today?!

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