Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

F*cking me makes you smarter...

Wanna grow some brain cells?!
CALGARY -- A hormone stimulated by sex may be used to repair brain damage caused by strokes, suggests breakthrough research at the University of Calgary published today in the prestigious journal Science.

A team of researchers, led by Samuel Weiss with James Cross at the Faculty of Medicine, studied female mice who had recently mated and found the hormone prolactin stimulates the production of new brain cells, called neurogenesis, in a part of the brain responsible for the sense of smell.

The mice didn't have to become pregnant for there to be a surge of prolactin and male mice given the hormone also showed an increased production of new brain cells.

Researchers are exploring if neurogenesis stimulated in one part of the brain can be rerouted to damaged parts to treat stroke victims and those with other brain injuries.


This could lead to some *very* unorthodox treatment methods for the elderly...

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