Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Quest for search and contemplating the unnecessary...

manifestress posted a wishlist to her journal recently, asking for the ability to search her journal... so, knowing generally who is really good at what when it comes to designing LiveJournal pages, I pointed her towards msram, who has used search features on LJ for ages and has obviously done the footwork in finding a good solution.

Mahesh uses FreeFind. Mahesh is very bright, but not an egghead... therefore, he finds solutions that are both technically apt *AND* usable. He doesn't gravitate towards solutions that only a programmer could love. Ergo, I not only recommended FreeFind to Karlita, I bit the bullet and I now have a little, innocuous search box on my journal page.

... of course, now the issue is how to configure it to index my site properly. It took time to complete the first indexing of 3000+ pages, largely because I didn't restrict the indexing as much as I should have. However, it didn't index comments. Frankly, that's where a lot of the action is. So, I reconfigured all the settings to take another swipe at the site, and, with any luck, FreeFind's spiders will soon be choking on about 6,000 comments... I hope.

Chances are, I will have to go through several iterations in order to come up with search results that I really like, but once I have it sussed, I will post a how-to that will make it painless for anyone else who wants to take the plunge.

Really, I have been meaning to add search functionality to my journal for ages, but never did, because It Doesn't Really Matter. I could dye my journal a new shade of purple too, but again... IDRM!

Maybe it's a bad habit of getting older -- when things don't really matter, you tend not to do them as often out of habit. After all, some would argue that everything matters. They would *also* be correct.

Once basic needs are met, people gravitate towards the unnecessary. Therefore, the goal of innovation is to create the unnecessary. The goal of business is to make the unnecessary vital.

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