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Insomnia's Journal
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Monday, September 20th, 2010

Time Event
Late night babbleage...
Listening to the grandeur o' the plastic beach... quite like the "classical" music in the longer-than-ordinary version of the album... a suitable score for the quasi-existent nature of the place.

Gotta love the bio for the Cyborg_ Noodle...

Log dump 25/05/2010 14:12:23

Command Audio Pickup Detected : Oiii Cyber Doodle;
User Detected: Murdoc Niccals Master Bass Player... Gorillaz.... God;
Action:Listening for Commands;
CMD: Rum!!!;
Unknown command Detected "Rum" No Verb Found;
CMD: Don't just stand there bleeping, get me some Rum!;
Unknown command Detected "Don't just..";
CMD:Bugger it, lets try something simpler, I'll lop off a few words;
Unable to complete command "Bugger it";
CMD:Get. Me. Glass. Full. Rum;
Accepted Retrieving Glass Full Of Rum;
CMD:Eh? Oh it worked! Brilliant. God that is full! Down the hatch;
Unknown command Detected "Eh? Oh it w....";
CMD:Quit the beeping! Aaaaggh!;
Accepted Quitting Error Reporting;Ringtone Volume:0;
CMD:Ice! With Ice
Accepted Retrieving Ice
CMD:More Rum
Accepted Retrieveing Rum
CMD:Ice I wanted it with Ice
Accepted Retrieving Ice
CMD:Another Rum
Accepted Retrieving Rum
CMD:Oh for the love of god I want it with Ice
Accepted Retrieving Ice
Unknown command Detected "MALL RUMMSZ";
CMD:*Coughing detected* I said MOORE RUM!
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
CMD:ICCEE! Look, I Always want Ice;
Accepted Setting Global Ice default;
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
CMD:Now that's more like it;
Accepted Retrieving "More Like It";
CMD:Ooh more Rum thanks;
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
CMD:What, more Rum don't mind if I do;
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
CMD:more Rum?;
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
CMD:Rum thhhanks!;
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
Action:Infinate Loop Detected; Halted;
CMD:Yoohoo! Robocop! Fetch Rum Pour Favor!;
Running Translation;
Language Detected "Bad French"
Accepted Retrieving Rum;
CMD:hmm, Kebab
Accepted Retrieving Kebab
CMD:What the Ff... It's cold and wet! Oh christ it's full of bloody ICE!
Unknown command Detected "What the Ff..";
CMD:I'll deal with you in the morning! Once I've finished my kebab..
CMD:Now piss off to bed. Haven't you got some charging to do instead of buzzing and beeping all over the place?
Accepted Returning to charging station
CMD:Oh and RUM! before go night night!
Queued:Returning to charging station
Accepted Retrieving Rum
unQueued:Returning to charging station
Accepted Returning to charging station
log End;;#

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