May 18th, 2009


Real reasons to support stem cell research.

Ten years ago, my mom was diagnosed with MSA. She was a pianist, and her music was always a love and a comfort for her.

That was the first thing MSA took from her. Then her career. Then sleeping, walking, moving, speaking, and breathing normally... and then, finally, her life.

After years of neglect by the American medical system, which usually misdiagnoses MSA patients, and treats them with Parkinsonian medications which arguably are counterproductive and do nothing to slow the onslaught of the disease, MSA patients are finally getting miraculous treatments with stem cells, treating their symptoms, greatly improving their quality of life, and, apparently, significantly increasing their life expectancy.

Unfortunately, these Americans have to get treated in China.

But there's something simple you can do to help... Take a minute and write the NIH a short e-note, indicating your support for stem cell research.

Act now. Help those Americans who are needlessly suffering get proper care in America too.