March 23rd, 2009


Okay... this is too good, so I have to post about it.

We get mail... oh yes, we do!

From: Kevin ******** <***********>
Subject: your livejournal blog - insomnia
To: markkraft@*********.com
Date: Thursday, March 19, 2009, 7:07 PM
Hi Mark, I'm interested in the topic of
sleep disorders
and would love to
take over your live journal blog because of the
"insomnia" tag and of course
it ranks well in google. Any chance you'd
like to sell
control of your blog?

I know this is a really weird question, but
I thought I'd



On Fri, Mar 20, 2009 at 4:03 AM, Mark Kraft wrote:


I doubt it... but how much were you talking about, out
of curiosity?!


From: Kevin **********
To: markkraft@*******.com
Date: Friday, March 20, 2009, 5:20 AM

I don't know why, but your response made me laugh. I
guess I hadn't thought about it that far. Well, what price would get you to part
with it? We could of course take a long time to make sure you get your new
blog home up and running and you could blog from your old one for awhile
telling everyone to move over to your new blog's url etc etc. If there is a
way for you to keep the RSS feed and tie it to your new blog that's cool
(I'm not technical so I don't know if you can do that or not).

Anyway, we could try to make it so you don't lose readers and stuff.
Is there an amount that could get you to consider this?
Also, just curious, I see you posted 4 hours ago. Which is
4am where i live (Philadelphia area). Where the heck do you live? Or just
burning the midnight oil?




Transferring my blog would be problematic, if only because it's associated with a permanent account for , which are rarely sold and go for around $100 for starters. These permanent accounts aren't transferable, I don't believe.

There's also the fact that my blog was ranked as pretty much in the top 40 LJ blogs as indexed by Google when someone still did ratings for such things... see That's because I've done some fairly serious reporting on it, and have been linked to by sites like MSNBC, the BBC, the CBC, big blogging sites like Boing Boing and, etc. In fact, I got most of my serious media attention after these lists stopped being compiled, based on my reporting of the stories of bloggers inside New Orleans during Katrina, and from soldiers in Iraq.

There, of course, is all the difficulty to me in migrating all of my years of entries over to another blog. It would probably take me a day or two to do it... and I consider my time to be fairly valuable.

Realistically, if I were a typical domain name holder, we'd be talking about quite a bit of money. But given that I'm not actively trying to sell it, I don't feel compelled to name a price, especially since it has value to me that goes above and beyond such basic concerns.

That said, I'm a practical person and will still seriously entertain any offers. Practically everyone has his price, I suspect.

Best -


All makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I understand completely the value of your blog personally. I'm really passionate about sleep disorders and insomnia in particular. Really common, underdiagnosed problem and insomnia is now linked to obesity, heart disease, depression, on and on. So I think putting up information about this topic that people can actuall find would make a little dent in the universe.
Anyway, I guess I was thinking like $1,500 to acquire it. If it turns out you can't "sell" your account, maybe you could "rent" the account for 3 years? Meaning, we would just have a contract that you would stop blogging on that account and I would be the "guest blogger" for 3 years and then you get the account back at that time.

Let me know if this is making sense at all or if you have any other creative ideas. Hope you're having a great day.


Sooo... hrm. We're talking fairly serious money here... which kind of figures in a way, as my site is actually ahead of several of the major sites on insomnia in Google, such as the American Insomnia Association.

Of course, selling would be eeeevil, wouldn't it?! Aren't I supposed to be Mr. Integrity?! But hey... in a way, it would be amusing and a bit enjoyable to rent it out for a few years, if only because of the novelty of it all... and it would pay for a few nice upgrades. I actually *do* own markkraft  as a permanent account, so it's not as if I wouldn't have somewhere I can post to... and it might be nice to have a bit of a clean break, knowing that the site would probably revert back to me some day... Meanwhile, I would keep all the old content here, where it could still be found by those searching the web. (It would be too huge of a PITA to move it over, really. Last time I tried to use an LJ backup tool, my journal made it choke and die.) 

Best of all, I could sell out without actually selling out everyone else with me. (Take that, Brad!)

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