December 30th, 2008


Lost in one's fantasy.

So, I was doing a bit of research on something, and stumbled upon a trailer for In the Realms of the Unreal, a documentary on the life -- and inner life -- of Henry Darger

It looked facinating, so I figured I would have K. add it to the Netflix queue, only to find that it was one of their features that was viewable online... so I just finished watching it. 

Facinating, really. It made me feel like being a creative, artistic genius is quite an obtainable goal, so long as you're willing to blur and ultimately dispose of the sometimes tenuous boundry between fantasy and reality.

That said, it's tragic to think of his huge, inherently singular life's work, scattered across the world, preyed upon by the world's art dealers... it's as if the victimized children of his fantasy world had, in his death, been abducted, enslaved, and abused once more, a victim of their own innocence, magic, and authenticity.


So... Gizmodo went live with yet another "shooting fish in a barrel" piece of speculation about Steve Jobs' health today, citing only a single anonymous source for their article... and, by doing so, knocking about 1.7 points off of Apple's share price.

Now, admittedly, journalists rely on multiple confirmed sources and try not to rely on anonymous sources if possible, but Gizmodo is part of that modern cutting edge... paid journalists without actual journalistic standards. 

Apple finished the day with a market cap of 76.71 billion dollars... losing about $2.6 billion off their market value from earlier in the day... an amount roughly equivalent to, say, a quarter of what's left of Iceland's GDP.

(How many people's jobs does this amount to? You probably don't want to know...)

Apple reportedly had nothing to say... which kind of figures, because even if they dragged Steve Jobs out to do a bunch of one-handed push-ups, they'd *STILL* take a stock hit, because some jackhole in the press would describe him as looking a bit "gaunt".

Really... Steve-o is in his mid-fifties. Can't we accept him as if he were a guy in his mid-50's with some prior health problems... or is he expected to be Peter Pan for the rest of his life?! Perhaps investor fears could be quieted somewhat if he provided shareholders with regular pints of blood and other potentially cloneable DNA materiel?!   

This, apparently, was Gizmodo's belated Christmas present to its readers -- many of whom are Apple shareholders -- and to the rest of the U.S. economy.

Update:  Robert Scoble, a bigname techie blogger type who I had a few beers with during the early Bay Area blogging meetings, asked in at a local fro-yo place whether they've seen Steve around lately, and how he's doing.

"They said he was in a couple of days ago and is in great health.”