October 24th, 2008


The next Republican scare video...?!

From 1993, it's George Clinton "Paint the White House Black", featuring Ice Cube, Dr.Dre, Yo-Yo, MC Breed & Kam and appearances by Public Enemy, Shock G & Shabba Ranks.

The "sex in the White House" references are perhaps a different type of funny than originally intended, under the circumstances... 

And in a similar theme, here are some excerpts from a recent interview with George Clinton.

Chocolate City! All that shit is coming through now! Yea, hell yeah!”

George Clinton “I wouldn’t care if he was black or white or whatever if he’s talking like he’s talking, but I really thought it would be a black dude, because it takes a guy with some style to sell those good things. Kennedy had to sell that shit, and he sold it good.”

And it’s about time for a change, said Clinton, remembering his days of pumping democracy into the USSR via Radio Free Europe.

“Now we need somebody to do it to us, to give us some choices and alternative thinking.”

He hopes Obama offers that choice, although he admits there are many mountains to climb — candidates better “be squeaky clean,” Clinton said, because otherwise “they’ll go after your preacher.” But Clinton remains confident, explaining that Obama is the right kind of pimp we need." 

(I want that quote on a T-shirt... or maybe an animated userpic!)

Facts are facts. The Republican Party is afraid of the funk!


Drizzle, fo'shizzle.

So, several months back I heard a bit about Drizzle... a slim-downed branch of MySQL, that open-source database app that you all secretly know and love, as it owns your entire LJ existence.

For those of you who seek answers to your questions about Drizzle, it is basically designed to do the most important things that MySQL does, only faster, easier, more reliably, with mondo scalability and a smaller footprint, sans so much superfluous cruft.  This, as you might suspect, is a good thing, in that it will help make it easier for web designers to concentrate more on making a cool database-driven site, and less on back-end hassles.

As you can imagine, this is wonderfully exciting to those who create database-driven websites.  They want this kinda thing now... or last week.  And, indeed, it's coming soon... or at least, as soon as it arrives.

Programmers, when they follow their standard trajectory, are great at making software that's larger, more feature-rich, more powerful... and, well... MORE. Oftentimes, to the point of being far too much, far too slow, and far too difficult to wrap your head around. 

So, when coders take a few steps back, think about the spaghetti code monsters that they've created, and then pare things down and organize it appropriately to make it actually work *better* for people, well, it should be duly noted and supported.  And not just by coders, but by all of those out there who use a browser, and who *like* not having to think about databases, about how complex, slow, and buggy they might be, and who appreciate surfing as fast as their eyes, fingers, and wrists can handle, eyestrain and carpal tunnel be damned! 

There's also the added benefit of living in a world where web designers are able to concentrate more on building great sites with Drizzle, while still having *some* semblance of a life. In all likelihood, we know that most of them won't take advantage of this opportunity, but still, it's nice to imagine that option would be available to them, if they so choose.

If you think all of this is worth finding out more about and perhaps supporting, well, you're in luck, because Drizzle is willing to unconditionally accept your love, approbations, and even your donations!  They're currently passing the cup around to cover the $1000 expense of purchasing drizzle.org, which gives all of you the chance to help something technologically significant, while earning yourself serious geek cred by being one of the first financial supporters of this fine, fine project.

...and, as far as I'm concerned, any geek cred earned without actually having to muck around in the code is cred earned in the least painful, least costly way. 

Own your piece of the Drizzle now, before it becomes a seeded torrent!