September 2nd, 2008


Sarah Palin's idea of change.

If you become mayor of a small town, and the police chief and local librarian don't endorse your campaign... fire their asses! (Because experience shouldn't get in the way of partisanship.)

Given that Sarah Palin is already dealing with the troopergate scandal, a similar firing at the state level, it kind of builds a narrative, doesn't it?!

Hello Republicans... this is *EXACTLY* what you hated about Hillary's involvement in the Travelgate firings... remember?! (I sure do, because that was one of the primary reasons I didn't vote for her!)

Petty tyrants are best kept petty... and on the local scale, where if they don't back down, they can be dumped a lot easier.

But if you had any doubts about the kind of laughably silly justifications that Governor Palin uses to justify her everchanging hit list, you can read the text of the police interview with Mike Wooten, her former brother-in-law, who reportedly did lots of evil, horrible things that Mrs. Palin tried busting him on, years after the fact.

Here is a summary :

RW: Aright. Mike, the reason that I'm here is ah because of another allegation as a result of this investigation ummm regarding a moose hunting trip umm, in which ah we were adviced that you had shot a moose, a cow moose. And that you didn't have the tag for it.. . . The other allegation is that you took a wolf umm with a snow machine off the Denali Highway.. . . Ah... can you basically explain your version of this ah... on the moose?

MW: The moose? Sure. Probably I don't know maybe two, maybe three years ago now.. . . Umm Molly drew a cow moose permit . . . and, um, because of my work schedule we didn't get a chance to go out hunting. Umm and Chuck was giving Molly a hard time about getting the tag filled. And made a statement that he was going to take her out and go hunting and fill the tag if I didn't... and Molly came home all upset crying saying "You need to take me out. We need to get a moose because my dad won't leave me alone. And he's harrassed me about it and I do not want to go hunting with him under any circumstances. It's not fun. He makes it miserable and I don't want to go." And I said "Okay... we'll do what we can." . . . the next day we meet up with Chris. Get in his boat.... go up river... probably 15-20 minutes saw a moose. And I told Molly, "Do you want to shoot the moose?" And she said "No. I don't want to shoot the gun." And I said, "Okay, I'll shoot the moose for you then." She said "That's fine. I'm not shooting it." So I got my gun and shot the moose. . . When we got back to Chuck's house. . . he was all happy and helped me butcher. . . And ah ... that was it. We filled out the tag. We turned it in, and that was .. the end of our hunting for the year.

RW: So you told Molly to shoot the moose.

MW: Yeah, I told her.

RW: Did you hunt any more after that...

MW: I didn't. No. No. That was it.

RW: Ok. I'm going to ask you the tough question that nobody ever likes to ask, Mike.

MW: Mmhm.

RW: Did you know that it was wrong to shoot the moose on her tag?

MW: No, cause I didn't see it that way. And I've reviewed the statute since obviously, and I can't find it anywhere in there that it says what I did was wrong. She didn't want to shoot it. I shot it. And put the meat in the freezer. And that was it. . . and actually, to be honest with you, on record I was told by Chuck that he would take her tag and go fill it out with or without her. Now... to me taking someone else's tag in the field and they're not even with you. . . I mean that's illegal. That's taking someone else's hunting licence and going out hunting.

RW: You were a conservation officer ah in the military?

MW: Yeah.

RW: In the airforce? Is that it?

MW: Mmhm.

RW: And ah you didn't work the moose hunts per se?

MW: I never contacted any of the moose hunters.

JC: (Stutter) not that it matters but ... I've been hunting up here for thirty years. . . and every husband and wife team I know umm who shoot moose. Whoever shoots a moo, you know, I mean that's just the way it's done. Cause I was thinking (laughs) that's gonna... I think I'm fine. . . I would say ah I don't think this meets the threshold of official duties and fitness for duty.

RW: Okay. Next is the wolf.

MW: Okay.

RW: And ah I understand that you went hunting with eh Chuck again?

MW: Yup. . . Staying in a cabin that a buddy of his owns. . . Chuck comes ripping across the lake and comes in the cabin and says , 'Get your stuff and grab your rifle. We gotta go' . . So i jumped in the snow machine and followed him. . . Umm I saw Adrian going after one wolf and Chuck chased after another . . . Chuck shot it with a 225 . . . and I saw it hit in the right middle of the back and it continued to run. . . and then it was running towards some brush and umm he ran into it with his snow machine. . . And then the wolf ran through some really thick brush. . . When I came around the bend, I could see where the wolf lost it's tracks and slid and fell and I stopped my snow machine and when I stood up on my snow machine the wolf was still alive. . . So I drew my pistol out and shot it. And ah it went down and I got off the snow machine and I was walking over to it and it stuck its head up again so I shot it again. And then it died and that was it.

JC: What's your obligation to dispatch a wounded animal?

MW: I think we're. . . I think you have an obligation to do whateveryou can to track down and dispatch a wounded animal. . . It's the same thing with moose that get hit by cars. You know we have to go to the scene and if there's a blood trail, you gotta... do what you can to find it.

JC: Right.

RW: Okay. And who kept that wolf?

MW: MW Ah well Chuck had it originally and then he had it tanned and gave it to me for my birthday or Christmas, I don't remember which. And that was a complete shock to me I didn't even know he was going to do that.

RW: And this was Butte Lake and this was how many years ago?

MW: It was 3 or 4 years ago probably.

RW: And what was the dates ah wolf hunts.

MW: (Chuckle)

RW: When did you go in the winter?


JC: Winter

RW: Yeah do you remember what month or no?

MW: I have no idea. Cold and winter.... that's all I know.

JC: (Laughs)

MW: Snow on the ground. It's cold out.

RW: Anything else? John, do you have any questions at this point?

JC: No. (Stutter) I don't. I frankly am amazed. (Laughs)

RW: Okay.

JC: Yeah actually I have one.

RW: Ah go ahead.

JC: (Laughs) for the record, when all this is said and done, and none of this amounts to anything, is the department going to bill the complaintant for the time?

RW: Oh, you'd have to ask the Colonel that one...

JC: (Laughs) ... Thanks.

RW: Aright. Anything else Mike? You're smiling over there... you got something you want to ask me, but I guess not?

MW: I'm not going to say anything, because I want to keep my job.

RW: Okay.

MW: An that's all I'm gonna say.

RW: Okay. Then ah we're gonna be off record at ah 13:46.

(End of tape, End of transcription)

Really... can petty tyrants get any pettier?

I will personally laugh at any gun owner who votes for Sarah Palin, because, while I'm sure she loves bringing down a buck now and then, but she's not above bringing down public safety officials, law enforcement officers, librarians, hunters, and veterans either. Not just in aggregate... no.  But with career-killing, personal, petty, partisan attacks, at taxpayer expense.

Sarah Palin is a wounded politician. Do the humane thing.  Vote.  Help put her out of our misery.