July 19th, 2008


Ok... I admit it.

I let my cynicism get the best of me regarding "The Dark Knight".

I was, frankly, a bit weary of the whole Batman franchise, and judging from the half-full theater, so were a lot of people. The trailers for the movie were simply inadequate, but it was easily the best Batman superhero movie ever. Epic. Dark. Complex.

Heath Ledger was sadly, tragically perfect as the Joker. Clearly Oscar-worthy, even if you don't take into account his death... better than Nicholson. 

Christian Bale did a great job playing both of his major characters, Batman and Bruce Wayne.  Finally, we have a Batman bringing some serious duality to the role!

The directing and screenplay was strong, put together by the minds behind "Momento". Frankly, The Dark Knight's screenplay is superior... just as complex and innovative as that film, while resting on far more solid ground.

The cinematography and action sequences were awe-inspiring at times.  They used IMAX cameras to film several major scenes... and it shows, with images that look as good as a Frank Miller spash page.

Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were both as good as they could be, considering their roles, which were strengthened because both of them were given moral dillemas... as was Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent / Twoface, Gary Oldman as Police Commissioner Gordon... in fact, if there is one main theme in this movie, it is the moral challenge of being a good guy when faced with impossible moral dilemmas... all brought to us by the ultimate ringmaster of nihilistic chaos, the Joker.

All in all, it was as good as it gets. But can they possibly do it again?!  I'd like to see them try. 

Maybe I wasn't quite as weary of the Batman franchise as I thought.