February 29th, 2008


Final Obama contributor numbers for February.

963,000 donors in Jan. & Feb. 2007, based on this counter.

(Note that the original goal by March 4th was 500K donors by March 4. I suspect the final amount by March 4 will be around 985,000, approximately twice the original goal.) 

Obama had 256,000 new donors in January, with income of $36M. That means ~$140.65 per contributor x 729,000 contributors, or $102,533,850 ... if we were to rely on January donation amounts per new donor as a legitimate basis for February. This could've gone either way, really, because the average donation amount also reflects additional donations from existing donors... and that amount actually may have increased per donor.

Obama recently said the average donation was ~$109 per donor, so it seems like $31 in additional donations per new donation is a possibility. We'll see.  In any event, the total dollar amount has got to be quite huge.

Presumably, we can also use these kind of numbers to estimate Hillary Clinton's level of donors in February as being approximately 200K, if not less, as we know she and Bill attended numerous big donor fundraisers which would presumably be at least 20% of their monthly take.

If these numbers for Obama's campaign really are in that ballpark, well... wow.  Guess we'll hear soon enough. It's quite possible that the initial numbers released will be "over X dollars..." with an even larger amount announced afterwards, as this happened at the beginning of last month.