February 6th, 2008


Hillaryity ensues.

  You know how I was comparing Tracy Flick in Election the other day to a certain unmentioned candidate? Well, apparently the people over at Slate have come to a similar conclusion.

And Maureen Dowd's editorial in the New York Times wasn't pulling punches either, either on Hillary Clinton, or on her supporters...

"Better the devil you know than the diffident debutante you don’t. Better to go with the Clintons, with all their dysfunction and chaos — the same kind that fueled the Republican hate machine — than to risk the chance that Obama would be mauled like a chew toy in the general election. Better to blow off all the inspiration and the young voters, the independents and the Republicans that Obama is attracting than to take a chance on something as ephemeral as hope. Now that’s Cheney-level paranoia."

I don't know about you, but when I think "diffident debutante" and Democrats, I think JFK.  

And the reporters are obviously having fun today, reporting on how Hillary Clinton has **ALREADY** had to dip $5 million into her pockets to fund her campaign through Super Tuesday, and now seems on the verge of having to spend even more of their money to keep in the race.

And yes, the media will have a little chuckle about it, because they know how the Clintons earned a lot of that money

Well, that and insider trading on cattle futures. The Clintons made their first riches based on what was essentially a bribe scheme. The overall investment technique was akin to baiting a four-year-old's fishing pole for them, watching over it, and then letting them reel in a big fish on one of your own lines.  

Payback is a bitch sometimes, isn't it?  Perhaps they should pull Bill off the campaign trail and put him back on the lecture tour, to help pay for the campaign...

Don't feel sorry for the Clintons. Hillary Clinton knows that if the voters actually do give her the nomination, she can always keep raising money for her campaign, turning to corporate lobbyist friends in order to pay back her millions in loans to her campaign. 

(i.e. She'll take bribes to directly pay off her personal debts, prior to taking office.)

So... why didn't she want to tell us about her self-funding before the race? Why did her campaign take so long in comparison to Obama's to report their income for January, only doing so after being repeatedly pressured by the press? Perhaps they didn't want to be known as the astroturf campaign?


Big fundraising day for the campaigns.

As I mentioned earlier, Hillary Clinton has **ALREADY** had to dip $5 million into her pockets to fund her campaign through Super Tuesday, and now seems on the verge of having to spend even more of their money to keep in the race.

Well, I just read an email that had been sitting in my in box for awhile from the Obama campaign, reporting on Hillary's donation, and putting out the call for donations. . . at the time I opened the email about 15 minutes ago, it was at about $3.1 million. Now it's just under $4.1 million. Very impressive. 

The Clinton campaign is also reporting a record online fundraising day for them, but no specifics on the amounts, as yet. What constitutes a record for them is probably a lot less than what would be a record for Obama, especially considering that his campaign raised over a million a day on average last month.  

It will be interesting to see how all this fundraising plays out in the coming elections. Personally, I hope the Obama campaign concentrates that money on grassroots campaigning, with perhaps some townhall-type meetings, allowing Obama to go into details about the specifics of his plans, comparing them favorably to Hillary's plans.

I keep hearing that "money can't buy elections", and, by and large, that's true. What it *CAN* buy, however, is a chance to communicate a campaign's policies and ideas, which is extremely important in the case of Barack Obama. Everyone knows he's an inspirational speaker. What he needs to do over the next month is to shift the focus to play the role of a policy wonk. He must inspire and convince, so that his message goes over believably with the public.

**update** In the time it took me to write this post, the totals went up by another 200K.  
Damn. Just... damn.