Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The party last night

...was just what I wanted.

Let's see... it started off with pjammer arriving, followed by ocean_song... and spiderdust and ldyicefire, then abenn, danjite, and aleruna... then daltong arriving with Robin, just moments before the potato dropped.

Dalton is highly alergic to cats, so I had the backyard patio ready, with the patio table, chairs, and our new chiminea that we got for Xmas. I kept her company out on the back porch, until we were joined by hopeforyou, sinboy, and rosefox. Hugs, kissyface, conversation, sparklers, and cuddling up in front of the fire ensued outside, while inside, people played games and were entertained by pjammer, who collects interesting video clips on his laptop the way some people collect postage stamps.

So, yeah, it was really, really nice; comfortable, without being crowded. Lots of friends, and a few new guests as well. Even though I was one of the hosts, it was relaxed enough that I could pretty much not have to play host the majority of the time -- people entertained themselves, fortunately. Oh, and the hugs, cudding, and kissyface were nice too!

So, once the inheritance comes in, I figure we'll do the same thing, only next time it will have a hot tub area, more effort on sorting out the music so that both the volume and type is specific to certain areas, a wireless network in the house, more chairs -- both inside and out, additional outside lighting, and a generally more plush living room area. It will cost a few thou, but that's the kind of place that I want... a comfortable, convenient, intimate, easy-to-maintain place with lots of ambiance, where I can feel comfortable having small gatherings of friends over more often.

After all, having friends over a few times in the same week is nice, but that shouldn't be some kind of record...

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