October 16th, 2007


Sneaking into the news, sideways.

Looks like one of my memes got picked up by Yahoo News / AFP this morning...

According to web tracking firm Alexa.com, traffic on Draftgore.com surpassed Hillary Clinton's official campaign website by more than two-to-one on Friday."Interest in a Gore candidacy is skyrocketing," said Draft Gore founder Monica Friedlander. "People are stirred to action in record numbers by the possibility of America's greatest statesman and global leader becoming the next president of the United States."

The online Draft Gore petition currently has 208,000 signatures. An additional 45,000 people have signed a paper version of the petition, and these are not included in the online total.

Another major story, another 20,000 supporters yet to come... and a considerable handful of spinoff articles and blog posts.

In other news, Al Gore has uploaded three videos to CurrentTV which, look surprisingly like campaign videos.

The videos are Healthcare is Right", "Americans Deserve More Protection" (for our privacy, from the government...), and "Get The Troops Home". These three videos were added to the site sometime on Saturday apparently.

Something tells me he's thinkin' about it...