July 12th, 2007


When Democrats aren't.

At the end of an NAACP Presidential Forum in Detroit in which each candidate was allowed an equal amount of time to speak, and in which the Democratic candidates Barack Obama, Mike Gravel (a damn honorable man), and Dennis Kucinich repeatedly upstaged and criticized John Edwards and Hillary Clinton for their support of the war In Iraq, John Edwards approached Hillary Clinton at her podium and, forgetting that microphones were still on, can be heard saying: 

"We should think about at some point... maybe some time in the fall, we'll try to have a more serious debate with a smaller group of people."
Hillary agreed with Edwards, saying:
“We’ve got to cut the numbers of these, because they are just being trivialized.” 

Edwards responded: 
“And they’re not serious. They’re not serious.” He then walked back to his podium.  

Hillary caught up to him and added:
I think there was an effort by our campaigns to do that, but it somehow got detoured. We’ve gotta get back to it." 

Barach Obama and Dennis Kucinich then walked over to where Hillary and John were speaking, greeting them after the debate. Hillary, fresh from her conspiring (especially against Kucinich), then proceeded to greet and gladhand them, while telling Senator Edwards in parting:

"Our guys should talk."

Watch the video and decide for yourself whether these "leaders" deserve your vote. AP News have picked up the story.

So, as she claimed, Hillary (and presumably her DLC-embedded cronies) have apparently tried in the past with the Edwards campaign to reduce the number of debates and/or candidates we can hear from in this election. And, of course, John Edwards also supports silencing those embarassing alternative viewpoints that tend to emurge in anything approaching a "real democracy", minimalizing them as "not serious". Nevermind that both Hillary and Edwards each had a very considerable amount of uninterrupted time to speak to the public. Equal time -- and plenty of it -- is apparently not enough for them. 

Are these two worthy of being candidates for President? Are they worthy of being called Democrats? Would it be too strong to suggest that their fellow Democratic senators openly criticize them for such behavior, or that their constituents demand an appology? Or, alternately, should they simply be voted out of office?