March 24th, 2007


Polls may say one thing, but the people say another.

According to this article, people who saw the Hillary "1984" ad are more likely to view Hillary in a sympathetic light, and be slightly turned off the Obama campaign as a result. However, this may not really matter much. Traffic on the website has gone up noticeably over the past few days, with all the extra attention.

By my count, their page views increased around 75% during the peak days of the viral... not bad, considering that the campaign didn't even have to pay to create it. If that translates into cash in the coffers or new volunteers, it probably won't matter much what people think of the viral several months down the road.

Indeed, looking at a website comparison, Hillary seems to be lagging.
Traffic Rank for 11,246
Traffic Rank for 17,417

What matters most is how good a job each of these sites does in harnessing the visitors and turning them into active participants in the campaign. Who's best at that remains to be seen.

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I was checking out sites linking to me, and noticed this webpage over at Dar al Hayat, a Lebanese newspaper.

You have to scroll down a bit to see the link, but I'm there, somewhat close to the clarkefoundation, which is sorta cool. What I don't understand though, is why. Can anyone with Arabic skills let me know why, or a bit about what the site says?