January 27th, 2007


Irony hurts.

Brad's emoticon is sad, because he feels that ads on the front page of the site taint its image, mess with longtime users, destroy the site's "cool" image, and contribute to LiveJournal's "long term bleeding".

(You know... the kind of long term bleeding that's causing LiveJournal to shrivel up and die.)

But hey, that was the future he opted into, and unlike the rest of LJ, he profited from -- and continues to profit from -- that decision. So how can he really complain?

"I've seen LiveJournalers worried that we're going to . . . plaster their sites with advertisements. (We're not going to do this)."
- Mena Trott, Co-founder, SixApart, January 5th, 2005.


Once upon a time there lived an old woman who had a number of hens, ducks, and geese. She used to send her little daughter to the meadow every day to take care of the ducks and geese.

But she had one goose that she never allowed with the others. This one had a little house and yard of its own. It was such a wonderful goose that the old woman was afraid of losing it.

Each day this goose laid a large golden egg. The woman could hardly wait for the new day to come, she was so eager to get the golden egg.

At last she said to herself, "I will kill the goose and get the gold all at once."

But when she had killed the goose she found that it was just like all the other geese.

In her haste to become rich, she had become poor.

Moral: Greed destroys the source of good.