January 23rd, 2007


Ok... this is amusing.

Andy Griffith tells Opie that it's wrong to record and listen in on conversations between a client and his lawyer, even if it proves wrongdoing.

Of course, it's easy to view this and presume our basic values have eroded... and, to a considerale degree, they have.  That said, this show probably aired in the mid-60s, when Hoover was still at the FBI, snooping on people. 

It would be interesting to know to what degree this was a straightforward statement of the law and of civil rights, and to what degree it was a social statement, because it would be wrong to assume that The Andy Griffith Show somehow failed to reflect the mood of the day.  

Let the trial commence!

So, the prosecution and defense in the I. "Scooter" Libby trial began today, and all sorts of wonderful things came out!

Namely, both the prosecution AND the defence agree that Dick Cheney is a total scumbag.

The prosecution says that Dick Cheney told "Scooter" Libby to leak a CIA agent's identity to the press.

They also claim that Vice President Cheney repeatedly urged the Director of the CIA George Tenet to take full responsibility for the flawed intelligence about Saddam buying Nigerian uranium mentioned in the State of the Union address... despite the fact that the White House knew that the intelligence was flawed, well before going public with it. Cheney insisted that no blame whatsoever should land on the president or Office of the Vice President.

Not to be outdone, the defence provided a handwritten note from Dick Cheney suggesting that Libby was put up by the Bush administration to take the fall, and that Karl Rove --- and Dick Cheney -- were also responsible for the leaks.
Basically, both sides are arguing that the Bush Administration intentionally exposed Valerie Plame Wilson as an undercover CIA agent in order to discredit the truthful claim that Saddam never bought or attempted to buy any uranium from Nigeria. Both the prosecution and defence are saying the White House violated national security in order to silence the truth, and cover up their lie. The fact that they potentially endangered dozens of CIA operatives and ruined a person's career was an acceptable price to pay in order to try to avoid getting caught in a lie. 

Similarly, it was also acceptable for the Bush Administration to permanently damage the credibility and reputation of the CIA, so long as it allowed the Bush adminstration to get away with lying to the public about the rationale for an unnecesary war that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives. 

So, since both sides insist this is the truth, we can all pretty much accept it as fact, right?