January 8th, 2007


Viva el Trainrider!

Some interesting updates have emurged on my original post on Germany's Trainrider, a young man who hitched a ride on top of Germany's 200+ MPH ICE Bullet Train. In the article, I wrote about my suspicions that the Trainrider was, in fact, still alive and well.

Well, turns out that an anonymous user with an IP address that traces back to Denmark left a comment recently:

"Uh oh. Alexander won't like this, but since you are already on the track I can evidence the fact that Alex is still alive as I have been having an email conversation with him about one month ago. I am a loyal fan of his and in fact own my own Trainrider hoody in both white and black. I met him through YouTube but it only took me two messages to suggest we would exchange emails, and so I have been having a longer private chat conversation with him regarding his current life and future events. Here's what he wrote regarding his 'death':

"And it is all faked. I am not dead. But please dont tell it ;)

This is only an experiment. I wonder that one year ago the media figure "trainrider" (me) was hated by lots of people in Germany. But now, when people think trainrider is dead, most have sympathy with him... Even the German locomotive drivers who hated me most of all now write their mercy in different rail-forums and video comments around the web.

May be after all people think I am dead, I make a new DVD next summer, titeled 'trainrider resurrection' ;)"

Another bit of great news came in too. If you go to trainrider.net, you can now download the extended Trainrider video for free, with "24 Minutes pure Trainsurfing Action from Frankfurt City, Germany."

And yeah, you can buy one of the cool black hoodies too. (Frankly, I don't care whether the Trainrider is still alive, making a few bucks, 'cause he's still pretty damn cool.)

Pleasant journeys whereever you are, Trainrider.