November 8th, 2006


The pendulum swings back...

So, it's election night, and so far, it sounds like the Democrats will win the House, and may win control of the Senate too. 

In the Senate, the Democrats have picked up four seats in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Missouri, and Ohio, with two more currently undecided, both of which would be needed for them to take control.

Of those:

- Democrat James Webb of Virginia is narrowly ahead of incumbent Senator George Allen by about 8000 votes, with 99.71% of the precincts reporting. Expect a recount.

-   Democrat Jon Tester is currently leading Conrad Burns by 2 percent with about 80% of the precincts reporting. Only one thing you can say about that...

That said, I kind of hope the Democrats won't win the Senate. The next few years may not be pretty, so why would the Democrats want to put themselves in the position to take the blame for it, or possibly come off as being ineffectual or divisive? It's of dubious value to peak too soon. What's more important than winning the House and Senate is to make sure that John McCain doesn't win the next election.

No offense, but the guy is still fighting the ghosts of Vietnam, this time in Iraq, like some sort of twisted version of Captain Ahab. For him, failure is not an option, even when it's obvious to most that it's a little too late to win in any conventional sense of the word.  

Not too long ago, McCain said words to the effect that he doesn't want U.S. forces to leave Iraq until they could walk safely down the streets of that country. Sorry, but that's never going to happen, any more than Israeli troops will ever be safe occupying the most divisive neighborhoods of Palestine. Ultimately, there are just too many people -- both Iraqi and Islamic jihadists -- who want to kill our soldiers.  

The war is self-perpetuating because the U.S. occupation will never, ever, ever be popular with a significant segment of the population of the Middle East. Thinking otherwise needlessly kills American soldiers and inflames another generation of terrorists. Believing this war is winnable through longterm military occupation kills Americans, regardless of an individual's patriotism, good intentions, or sense of honor or duty. And ultimately, that is why McCain, despite his record of service, should never be made president.



Rumsfeld quit.


Admittedly, it's not the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it goes to show that change can be awfully rapid at times. You go to sleep, wake up, and the world has changed.

Bush is inviting the Democrats to lunch. What a nice little uniter he is being this morning... that said, I hear the Democrats in question have already eaten his lunch. 

Sounds likely that they've won the majority in the Senate too. Montana went their way, and they're ahead in Virginia by 3/10ths of a percent, which is probably enough to hold up in a recount.