October 25th, 2006


It might not interest most of you, but...

...for those of you with an interest in journalism -- and particularly in British journalism -- you may want to check out a new weblog, Adrian Monck Online.

Adrian Monck is one of the most respected journalists in Britain, and he just started up his blog three days ago... I left him his blog's first comment, in fact.

I have a feeling that this blog might soon become one of the best journalist blogs out there, so you may want to get on board this one early.... I've created an LJ syndicated feed at :


for those of you who are interested.


Das Schock-Fotos.

Oh, those wacky German soldiers and their obsession with human skulls.( Video here.)
First they get their hands on one, and the next thing you know, they want to start stacking them up like Marilyn Manson's interior decorator. 

If that wasn't enough, one of the photos shows a soldier exposing his genitalia, whilst holding the skull nearby in his right hand. Sure hope he had some lube. That kinda stuff can chafe.

Of course, the Canadian and British government really, really wanted the Germans to order their troops to take part in the active combat in southern & eastern Afghanistan, in order to take a bit of the heat off of their battered, overstretched forces... 

Yeah. Good luck with that. I suspect that British and Canadian troops are going to find themselves to be even busier, real soon.

Something tells me that an already unpopular idea back in Deutchland has just become that much more divisive. The issue now may not be whether Germany's government are willing to send their troops into battle, but rather, how much political heat they're willing to accept before they decide to pull 'em out altogether.

It may take months. It may even take a couple of years before Merkel starts hemmoraging public support. But are they going to leave? Sure they are. In the end, Germany -- and the U.S. -- will be to Afghanistan what France was to Vietnam -- and some unfortunate schmuck is going to be left holding die scheiße ende.

I suspect his name will be Brown.


This just in...

A flogging a day takes the blues away!

And, indeed, "nature's natural endorphin rush" doesn't just help treat depression, but can also be used to successfully treat drug and alcohol addiction.

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Do us all a favor.  Beat their ass until they quit. You'll be glad you did!


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