September 29th, 2006


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Normally, while I appreciate Keith Olbermann's POV, I don't always want to draw attention to the constant supply of YouTube videos out there from his latest broadcast, as it's a bit of a tit-for-tat thing, really. O'Reilly and his ilk says something, and Olbermann says something else, but a clear display of the facts of the matter are often missing... even if I am quite familiar with a lot of the facts that Olbermann is basing his arguments on.

So, that's why I'm pleasantly surprised with the clip above, in which he point-by-point refutes the Bush administration's bit of historical revisionism, claiming that they were tough on al Qaeda prior to 9/11, and that Clinton didn't leave him with a comprehensive strategy to fight al Qaeda.  Olbermann and his team have done a great job digging up that evidence, which, by all rights, should be front page news nationwide.

For my more conservative friends out there, I strongly suggest that you watch this video. Even if you don't care for the speaker, I suspect that you'll find the evidence they dug up pretty damning.

It's a dangerous, wrongheaded thing to try to distort history. I think it's high time that Bush admit that his administration dropped the ball more than a few times, and accept his failings, rather than foisting the blame off on someone else. 

The buck stops here.       

Canadian-made Dead Cities in Afghanistan.

Less than 10 percent of civilians who fled Coalition bombing and Canadian troops in a massive battle in Panjwai district earlier this month have returned to their homes, the Canadian military admits.

"We are afraid we will get bombed if we go home, because the soldiers won't know whether we are Taliban or not," said Lal Mohammed, 60, a Panjwai farmer, sitting in the rubble-strewn yard of a friend's home in western Kandahar.

...and why on earth would they think that?! Unless, of course, a substantial portion of the grossly inflated estimates of Taliban losses were actually civilians, fleeing from their homes in the first place?

Where is the debate in Canada about whether they want to be a nation responsible for destroying cities, even supposedly for the best of reasons, or for being a party to Vietnam-era body counts that conceal the death of innocent people? Where are the Canadians who support the depopulation of entire cities and regions of tens of thousands of civilians with brutal aerial bombing campaigns in order to bring peace to them?

Maybe this explains why Steven Harper found Israel's bombing campaign in Lebanon to be  "measured" -- it was, in comparison to Canada's own actions.

Republican House Leadership: Sick, Sick, Sick.

When Rep. Rodney Alexander, R- LA, learned of the absolutely inappropriate online communications between 52-year-old Florida Rep. Mark Foley and a 16-year-old boy who worked as a page, he did the only appropriate thing -- he called the teen's parents, and notified the Republican House Leadership that "there might be a potential problem".

The person he notified? Dennis Hastert. How long ago? Ten to eleven months ago.

And what did Hastert do? Did he confront Congressman Mark Foley and ask him to step down? No. Did he replace him as the Chair of the Child Sex Offender Caucus? No. Instead, Hastert knowingly let a sexual predator run the caucus... and when that predator claimed that the communications between him and the young page were innocent and a dirty attack from the Democrats, did Hastert confront Foley then or go to the media and force him to tell the truth? No. Instead, we had to wait until the full transcripts were released before Foley finally resigned

And the full transcripts are pretty damning, with the esteemed Congressman and Chair of the Child Sex Offender Caucus asking about the minute details of how the minor masturbated, what size his penis was, and saying how he'd like to undress the young teen and grab his "one eyed snake"... only to be told by the minor that Foley was moving too fast, and that he would have to leave because his mother was yelling for him and it was time for him to do his homework.

So, apparently House Speaker Dennis Hastert loves his fellow Republican leaders even more than he loves young children, eh?!

How much do you want to bet that Denny is let off the hook for this one? For cowards who cannot admit their weaknesses and cannot face true responsibility and accountability for their actions, everything is acceptable, I guess.