September 5th, 2006


Update from Wake Island.

An initial aerial observation of Wake Island seems to indicate that it came through Hurricane Ioke in pretty good condition.

"Our first assessment that we heard of the island could be pretty massive devastation. When we came to the island we flew over it at a thousand feet and we were pleasantly surprised that any significant hazards, fuel tanks, runway, general building conditions were in pretty good repair," said Lieutenant Adam Bentley of the U.S. Coast Guard.

"Roof tops were taken off and side of buildings were blown out. There was sand around the island and trees down, but in general the major infrastructure was still intact. . . They have major aircraft fuel tanks, with jp-5 that could have spilled, and everything that we saw indicated that everything was still self-contained. And there wasn't any hazmat pollution that we could see."

An assessment team will be arriving on the island tomorrow to have a close look and determine whether the island is safe for people to return to. Although Wake Island is usually closed for tourism, Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours are still hoping to bring tourists to visit Wake (as well as Guam and Pearl Harbor) to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and of the defense of Wake and Guam later this year.

So, ever thought of working on a tropical island? If so, Wake isn't a bad choice. The weather rarely gets hotter than 90 degrees, and something tells me that they will be hiring additional employees soon to help with the clean up. 

Wake Island is handled by Chugach Alaska Corporation, and their job listings feature positions on not only Wake, but also on Midway, Kwajalein, Roi Namur, Meck Island, and other locations across the U.S. which the government needs people to oversee.

Not a bad bunch of jobs for those of you looking to transition from military to civilian work, really.