July 5th, 2006


The Tables Turn in Mexican elections.

Populist Mexican candidate Obrador has taken the lead by a 2.6% margin, as additional ballots are being counted in the Mexican election.

What I find disturbing about this election is that the media is referring to Obrador as a leftist, in an apparent attempt to lump him in with Chavez and other socialists, when Obrador's proposed policies are largely based upon those of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

There is also no mention by the US media of the obvious electoral discrepencies in this election, such as the dumpster full of ballot boxes from pro-Obrador districts that were discovered in a garbage dump on Tuesday, as reported by El Universal... or the fact that the IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) announced that they had tabulated “98.5 percent” of the vote when reporting upon the lead of Obrador's opponent previously,  only to later disclose that they hadn't tallied more than 3.3 million votes from pro-Obrador precincts -- approximately seven percent of the precinct tallies.

The IFE is on record as opposing a full recount of the ballots... which perhaps isn't surprising, considering that any complete public recount would expose all the other ballot boxes have “disappeared” on their watch. At this point, IFE had better hope that Obrador does have a clear victory, because the recount process would be brutal, especially for the nifty little corrupt bureaucracy they seem to have going for themselves.