June 19th, 2006


It's not piracy... it's recording off the netradio!

Fell asleep with one of my favorite online radio stations playing a lot of the obscure stuff that I like, with the Streamripper plugin for WinAmp doing its thing.

Woke up with a ton of new mp3s to listen to, all nicely seperated and labelled, more bands to research, and several more albums that I'll have to buy one day. The quality isn't the same as a digital rip from the CD, but it's good enough for me... and unlike most P2P, such "piracy" is totally untraceable, unless, of course, you post about it.

I grew up legally recording music off the radio on shows like "Rock Over London", in order to hear things that I couldn't/wouldn't hear otherwise. I can't see how this is all that different, really.

If the RIAA doesn't understand why this should be considered a good (and legal) thing to do, well, that's probably because they're too busy playing the greedy middleman, spending the money that well-intentioned music buyers would rather see going to the artists they love, in order to lobby politicians to try taking preexisting rights away from us.