June 11th, 2006


It's that time again...

Tropical depression one.

UPDATE: The National Hurricane Center gives it a 20% chance of becoming either a class-1 or class-2 hurricane within the next 72 hours. No big shakes, but worth noting.

Un bel di...

It's been a year of waiting for the performance, but today I finally got to see San Francisco Opera's Madama Butterfly with iceblink, noressa, and a friend of ours for her birthday. We took the oportunity to dress up before heading up to San Francisco for the day.

As it was the first live opera for iceblink and noressa, I wanted it to be a good experience, so I bought us really nice seats. It was tremendous fun seeing the increasingly surprised expression on noressa's face as we walked down the length of the entire orchestra section up to the second row, center!

The performances were absolutely wonderful. Patricia Racette was an excellent Cio-Cio-San. And it's great being that close... I love the sound and the feel of an orchestra warming up. It's like the sound of potential energy.

It's been hours, but I still have the beautiful memory of The Humming Chorus stuck in my head... I think I can live with that.