February 21st, 2006


Bush ally lays a big wet juicy kiss on Il Duce's lips...

Declaring the opposition party a threat to democracy, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi did the obvious thing... he allied with the fascists.

And why not? After all, they seem patriotic enough. They certainly love their flags. What did they ever do to harm anyone? They look like a pretty cleancut bunch of lads... and they sound kinda cheery too. Their websites feature lots of familiar faces. I'm sure the knifings and the bombings -- yes, plural -- were just a matter of youthful overexuberance.

So, where's Bush on this issue?

The Uncredibles!

Donald Rumsfeld goes "Oops! When I was on that show last week, I "misstated" the fact that the Pentagon hasn't stopped paying Iraqi newspapers to run Pentagon stories.

Infact, it hasn't stopped bribing/paying Iraqi papers.

And, infact, Rumsfeld didn't say that the Pentagon would stop. Ever.

You know, when most people "misstate" the truth of what they did or did not do after stating flat-out that what they did was justified and worth doing again, there's a common three letter word that people begin using for that kind of "misstatement".

...and it's not DoD. Close, but no cigar.