February 14th, 2006


Australian television leaks new photos from Abu Ghraib.

It's horrid stuff, of course, but it's sad that part of me goes "more of the same"... except for more evidence of possible beatings, torture, and considerably more blood than in prior shots.

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Just three photos out of fifteen leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald, as a "teaser" for the approximately sixty photos which will be shown tomorrow night on SBS' "Dateline".

Bad timing, considering everything that has gone down lately... and no knowing whether SBS might have some particularly damning images left to show that we haven't seen yet.

*UPDATE* - Looks like the program aired, and the transcript indicates that the SBS aired some pretty controversial video from Abu Ghraib -- the first video from there to be released.

From the transcript:

"...new photos and video apparently reveal more torture, sexual humiliation and killings seemingly perpetrated by soldiers at Abu Ghraib. This video shows naked men apparently forced to masturbate in front of the soldiers and their camera . . . these two women were arrested for working as prostitutes and were held in Abu Ghraib for 48 hours."