December 6th, 2005



Why is the Bush administration willing to admit that mistakes were made to the Germans, but not to the American people?

And quite a mistake too. That said, it sounds like at least a dozen others I have heard of.

Condoleeza's message to the German people?
Oops! We kidnapped one of you, took them away from their wife and children -- who thought they had died -- without notice or due process, flew them to Afghanistan for five months, and abused them physically, sexually, and psychologically. Sorry! We'll get it right next time though, because nothing promotes accountability like holding people incommunicado in prisons so secret, the public doesn't even know they exist.

And to think that Frau Merkel accepted that answer...

Bet a whole lot of Germans wish they had Schroeder back right about now.

Neil Bush goes loony for Moonie!

Neil Bush and cult leader / self-proclaimed messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon on the road, promoting a $200 Billion tunnel, to be dedicated in Moon's honor, that would connect Bumfuck, Alaska and Bumfuck, Siberia. Moon, who should be universally reviled for the psychological, physical, and sometimes sexual abuse of his followers, now owns UPI wire service and donates heavily to conservative groups, such as the Heritage Foundation. Ergo, Bush Junior, Jr. loves him. That's okay though, because George Bush is a Moonie man too!

What a whore! Stupid git.

White House retracts admission of making a mistake.

You know how I expressed surprise that the Bush administration actually admitted to making a mistake? Well, turns out that when Rice admitted to the obvious mistake that they made, she was mistaken in doing so.

"We are not quite sure what was in her head." - a senior Bush administration official, referring to Merkel.

So... the Bush administration's relationship with the new German Chancellor got off to a great start, didn't it? I can only hope that the Bush administration will be sure to personally insult Berlusconi, Blair, and the Queen of England before they leave Europe.

It was obviously a mistake of the German Chancellor to think that when Condoleeza Rice says that when the US did something wrong, that it made a mistake. The US *NEVER* makes mistakes. It just does wrong things purposefully. Not as a matter of policy, mind you. When something goes wrong, it is *NEVER* the fault of the policy. Rather, its because of bad soldiers, bad CIA agents, bad foriegners, or bad contractors, but it absolutely, positively has nothing to do with the politicians. They just make policy. Even when the policy arguably leads to things going wrong, however, that's not a mistake. It's just intentionally flawed policy.

Just thought you'd all like that clarified for you.