December 4th, 2005


Birthdays and Christmas all wrapped up into one.

Happy birthday to me, eh? I'm starting to feel older than dirt. But hey, I still look young, so...

Woke up early today, but it's just as well. We're going to see a Christmas parade this morning in downtown San Jose -- it's actually a surprisingly good little parade, and worth seeing. Probably following that with either a nice brunch or dim sum... not quite sure which yet. Really, we're just winging it today, but that's fine.

No public party today, but we're having a celebration at the house on Sat. December 10th, from Noon until Midnight called "Comfort and Joy". Spend a day by the fire, with cocoa, cider, tea, gingerbread, and good company. Help decorate our tree, eat, drink, get cozy, relax in the hot tub, and help celebrate our birthdays. If this is of interest to you, drop me a line at insomnia @ for more information.

For those people who like me having some kind of wish list, so that they know what to get me for my birthday and/or Christmas, here it is. Yes, I know, I need to update it and add more things sometime. Maybe I'll get around to it by New Year's... ;-)